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Plasmawave at a Glance

Best Results

8-12 sessions


10% Lidocaine Cream

Duration of Results

6-8 months

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Treatment Recovery

10-12 days

Skin Specialist


Risks & Complications


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The SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave device is the latest device used for non-invasive treatments by creating a genuine plasma output. This plasma ARC permits precise ‘soft surgery’ when needed for smaller areas such as sun stops, post-acne scars, etc.

Benefits and What Can Be Treated?


  • No cutting of the skin, No stitches required
  • Very low-risk procedure (No risk of blindness as there is with surgery)
  • Minimal side effects and far less downtime
  • Quick & easy procedure
  • No thinning of the skin
  • Significant cost saving

What Can Be Treated?

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)
  • Lifting of face and neck
  • Lifting of excess skin of arms and abdomen
  • Stretch Marks
  • Treatment of acne
  • Post-acne scars
  • Scars discoloration of the skin (age spots, solar lentigo)
  • Warts
  • Xanthelasmas (cholesterol deposits under the skin)
  • Boost the transdermal absorption of cosmetics

Description of SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave Treatments:

Skin Tightening

After thoroughly cleansing the skin and removal of all make-up, a sanitising spray is applied over the area to be treated to completely sterilise the area. The area to be treated is then numbed with a 10% Lidocaine Cream. Numbing time should be anything from 10 – 30 minutes, depending on the pain threshold of the client doing the treatment. During the numbing process, your skin expert will perform a calming hand and arm massage whilst explaining the procedure in full and explaining what products are to be used during the treatment and aftercare.

Using the SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave, patterns are created on the skin with plasma to target the specific areas which need to be lifted or tightened. Excess carbon residue is then removed, followed by an O2 Serum from SIX Sensational Skincare to instantly calm the area. Vitamin C Moisturising Cream is applied to the rest of the face to enhance soothing and healing around the treatment area.

Once the full area is treated, the skin will be very red and inflamed, a completely natural response with the skin feeling sunburnt and sensitive. The final steps to the treatment, are a light application of moisturiser and the Broad Spectrum Sun Protection SPF50+ taking care to apply with very light tapping movements and not rubbing over the skin to avoid any sensitivity.

What to Expect Post Procedure

Reactions may vary, so understand each client’s response (note: response vs. allergic reaction)

Redness, scabbing, swelling, and a feeling of “sunburn” is normal in most cases

Post-treatment dryness or flaking due to micro-scabbing during the healing process

Downtime of 10 – 12 days

How to Take Care of the Skin Post Procedure – Therapist

Remove all traces of carbon residue.  Offer homecare advice and recommend support products for home use. The O2 Serum must be applied 3 times a day for 2 weeks

General Aftercare

Avoid touching the skin, to reduce the risk of skin infection

Avoid direct sun exposure, 10 – 14 days post-treatment

Avoid direct sun ideally over the first 3 months

Avoid the application of or contact with skin irritants, such as chemicals and preservatives

The skin is open and has excellent absorption for 24hrs post-treatment, consider carefully what is applied to the skin

Do not apply chemical sunscreens and traditional cosmetics for 24hrs post-treatment, we recommend Broad Spectrum Sun Protection from SIX Sensational Skincare

Finance options available

What can be treated with the SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave?

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