As a perfect number, SIX is related to purity, harmony, balance, and the ultimate nurturer.


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Whether you wish to maintain youthful and healthy skin or rejuvenate dry and ageing skin, the SIX skincare line is the answer to your desires. Packed with fruit extracts, each product is not just effective, but also tantalizing to the senses. Experience superior results and achieve beautiful healthy skin with the SIX skincare.


Each of our Treatments delivers only a PERFECT sensorial experience together with effective Skincare. All Treatments begin with our unique SIX Welcome Ritual, a combination of sound and aromatherapy, foot cleanse, and the SIX relax scalp therapy.

Indulge in our signature back massage included in the SIX Double Exfoliation Skin Treatment and SIX Intelligent Skin Treatment with our soy massage candle tailor made specific to your current needs by offering you a choice of aromatherapy scent.
Your journey is completed by a sequence of stretches and pulls to enhance the experience!

SIX Energising Skin Treatment (30 mins)

An efficient express treatment that will be tailored to your specific needs. This is a great booster treatment or mini deep cleanse to add with other treatments and will rejuvenate, revitalise and refresh the skin.

SIX Double Exfoliating Skin Treatment (40 mins)

This treatment will couple an Energising express skin treatment with a choice of 3 spa rituals to provide a truly indulgent experience. Choose from a back, foot or Indian head massage ritual.

SIX Rejuvenating Skin Treatment (60 mins)

This classic facial treatment will provide you with a unique sensorial experience as well as a thorough anti-ageing treatment. It restores the natural luminosity to your complexion and revitalizes tired, dull skin whilst smoothing out expression lines and wrinkles using professional massage and extraction techniques coupled with the advanced firming and rejuvenating ingredients to aid in nourishment, protection and maintenance of your skin and to stimulate production of collagen and elastin.

SIX Intelligent Skin Treatment (90 mins)

For the ultimate in relaxation and pampering experience this treatment combines an indulgent hot oil back massage and herbal compress treatment with a rejuvenating, revitalising facial that includes a double exfoliation, hand treatment and a heavenly signature facial massage.

SIX Wrinkle Smoothing & Instant Firming Eye Treatment

A skin enhancer that adds no additional treatment time to your facial.
This luxurious anti-ageing eye treatment firms, smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness, tones and hydrates the delicate eye area, giving your eyes that shine like diamonds.

SIX Reveal Spa Facial Peel (60mins)

The only super intensive Alpha hydroxyl acid peel facial that still delivers the unique SIX sensorial experience with our relaxing warming and lifting massage. Instant results with refined pores, smoothed lines, clearer and more even complexion and super glowing and radiant skin. This treatment is best suited for any skin type with turbo charged cell turnover.

SIX Reveal Facial Peel (30mins)

This intensive express skin treatment works like a personal trainer on your skin bringing fitness and health back to the skin. Using natures purest alpha hydroxyl acids that enhances your body’s natural processes of renewal, effectively discarding old skin cells to make space for new ones, giving your skin the ultimate glow and youthful complexion.

SIX MAN On the Move (30mins)

This treatment will combine an express men’s specific facial with a choice of 3 spa rituals to provide a truly rejuvenating 30 minute experience. Choose from a back massage, foot ritual or indian head massage ritual.

SIX MAN Energising Facial (60mins)

Just the tonic for tired looking skin, a SIX MAN facial provides deep cleansing and hydration while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A thorough exfoliation will remove dull, dead skin cells and energise and invigorate the skin.

With specific massage techniques the skin is left toned, refreshed and supple. A deeply relaxing scalp massage is performed whilst an exceptional mask is applied and left to set on the skin.

SIX MAN First-Class Treatment (90mins)

Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment; this SIX MAN experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp, making it the ideal treatment. Starts with a specialised back massage using unique movements to relieve tension followed by an energizing facial with an outstanding Indian head massage ritual.

SIX MAN High Performance AHA Skin Peel (30mins)

Using only super intensive and natural lactic acid and glycolic acid, choose from two alpha hydroxyl acid skin peels that work like a personal trainer on your skin bringing fitness and health back to the skin.  An express treatment for the man on the move perfect for ingrown hairs, spots, fine lines and dehydration. Giving your skin renewed strength and health.


SIX MAN for the distinguished gentlemen who takes care of himself. The man who understands that looking after his looks and his appearance is as important as the job he has, the MODERN METROSEXUAL MAN.


We offer a range of corrective aesthetix treatments which will suit your needs depending on your desired preferences. SIX understands your determination in maintaining and improving beautiful skin and are committed to providing you with the solutions to do so.


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Managing Director

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General Manager

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National Sales Manager

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Marketing, Designer & Administrator

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Expert Aesthetics Trainer

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